Welcome to TRP!

A couple of years ago, I was gearing up to make my big move to Russia. I was filled with so many emotions, but the biggest thing I felt was the need to document my adventures. My first blog, Behind the Iron Curtain, not only helped me explore my love of writing but it also allowed my friends and family to access a unique perspective into an unfamiliar country.

When I came back to America, I had many realizations – the first was that I wanted to continue my blog! Not only does it allow me to integrate my college writing portfolio into a space that is accessible to the public, but it also allows me to explore the whirlwind of thoughts in my head.

After a lot of deliberation, I also made the decision to change the name of my blog. While Behind the Iron Curtain offered a peek into life in Russia, I knew that I needed something that was present and combined that aspect with my everyday American life. In my opinion, The Runglish Perspective achieves that goal.

For those who are wondering WTF Runglish is… let me explain! In 2000, the term “Runglish” became popularized aboard the International Space Station, where astronauts would code switch between the two languages. As someone who is bilingual between English and Russian, I often find myself doing the same!

This code switch has become symbolic of the life I’ve lived so far and the worldview I’ve developed. I hope that what I write and think about not only draws out conversation and constructive criticism, but also a new perspective. With that said, enjoy my blog and reach out to me at any time!

x Delaney

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