Humanitarian Intervention and the National Interest

The following writing is from my first ever Political Science course at Ohio University with Dr. Banta. In the world, there is war and there is peace. And where there is war there is usually some form of human rights violation. This is where peace comes in, in the form of humanitarian intervention. Humanitarian intervention [...]

Athens Accords: Bosnia and Herzegovina Peace Treaty Simulation

For my Political Science 3520 class with Dr. Cleveland, I was assigned the role of Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation concerning the Bosnia and Herzegovina Peace Treaty Simulation. The following writing is my memo concerning our contributions to the peace treaty and is designed to be actualized in the 1990's. Introduction It’s only been four [...]

Amicus Brief: From Chicago to Guantanamo​

The following writing is an amicus brief for my Breaking the Law class. Credit should also be given to my other group members who contributed to the brief (Amanda Hodgson, Alex Hartman, Emma Heaton, Gurjeevan Gill, and McKenna Cuevas). IDENTITY AND INTEREST OF AMICUS BRIEF From Chicago to Guantanamo there has been a continuum of [...]

Сочинение 3

Я выбрал сериал «Мир Дикого Запада». По-моему, это одна из лучших серий века. В первую очередь, это американский фантастический сериал телеканала HBO. Это транслирует раз в неделю по воскресеньям. Действительно, это лучший для просмотра длинного эпизода. В России, серия была показана на телеканалах «Amedia Premium» и Че. Это сериал было создано Джонатаном Ноланом и Лизой [...]